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Hire unique & inspiring Nordic styled tipis, perfect for stunning weddings, memorable parties and deluxe corporate events.

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Tipi Wedding Hire


Stratus is the ultimate in flexibility for a Nordic Tipi. Pitch it "sides down" in a normal tipi shape, or raise the sides to create a giant witch's hat, or anything between the two.

Standing: 140 people standing
Seated: 128 at tables (8 to a table)
Seated: 96 at tables (6 to a table)


Ease of use is a top priority. To open the guest entrance simply undo the two zips and roll up the canvas panel. There's a zippered door opposite the roll-up panel too.

Standing: 50 people
Seated: 40 at 8 to a table
Seated: 30 at 6 to a table

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tipi marquee hire

Charles Wynne & Kara Lineen

Western Victoria

m. 0434 588 440


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